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Functional testing is an important part of identifying the missing pieces of your health puzzle

Conventional medicine treats cancer but does not address what might have predisposed you to develop cancer to begin with. Nutritional Therapy does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, including cancer. However, we do have the ability, with the use of functional testing, to identify areas that might not have been functioning optimally in the body and therefore could have contributed to the disease outcome.

No two cancers are the same. Two patients who have the same cancer and the same treatment may respond differently. We are all unique. Functional testing allows you to have a personalised programme based on your individual test results. It also means we have a baseline to measure your progress.   

The types of testing I use:

When your results are returned, they are very carefully analysed and explained to you in the context of your full clinical profile.

Testing is very much decided on a client-by-client basis and some tests can be done by your GP.

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I will always explain why I think a test will be useful for you, along with the cost and what it would entail, such as providing one or more samples of blood, urine, stool or breath. The decision on whether or not to go ahead is always yours. Some testing can be undertaken by your GP, but most of the comprehensive functional testing is not available on the NHS.

When your results are returned to me, they are carefully analysed.  I will discuss the outcome and next steps in your following consultation.

Entire Health maintains close affiliations with industry leading diagnostic laboratories in England, Europe and North America.