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client success stories

Thank you so much for being by my side through this life changing period. I have felt  good, even when I am sure I should have been feeling bad.  Your excellent advise has made my treatment so much easier and I look forward to all you have to offer going forward.


You have changed my world, 20 years of digestive issues that have taken me to so many different doctors and none of them have helped me. I found myself unhappy and anxious but now I have my life back. Thank you so much.


I have a rare cancer and have been consulting with Lillian for over a year now, and have found her expertise and professionalism second to none. She has a world of experience and knowledge at her finger tips and has relayed it to me in a way that is easy to understand, giving suggestions that are realistic and attainable.

She is very easy to talk to and has been extremely attentive to my individual case and needs. My consultations with her have been invaluable.


I wanted to let you know that I have just had my first blood test since starting working with you and my levels were nearly halved, I am amazed by this incredible result, I know it is still high,  but it was such a huge drop and I am thrilled – everyone remarks at how well I look. Thank you so very much.


When I started seeing you I was feeling exhausted, stressed and struggling to sum up the energy to do anything! After taking all your recommendations onboard, I can now say I feel brilliant! You really understood how I was feeling. I feel a million times better and I have not just improved my energy and stress levels, but now I know how to manage and sustain them and I understand why I was feeling so low. Thank you.


You are an absolute inspiration to me. Without your constant understanding, knowledge and patience it would be impossible to keep focused. Thanks so much for all your help on my journey.


Lillian gave a talk on the importance of nutrition for cancer at Victoria’s Promise a charity for young women going through cancer. Having had cancer myself I’ve been to many different health and wellbeing talks across the country, and I thought Lillian was fantastic. She is hugely knowledgeable, open minded and experienced. I will be going to see her in her clinic as her approach is one I would recommend both for prevention and recovery. Thank you Lillian for your insight and your effort.


You have been fantastic, all in all the best thing I’ve done in ages and I didn’t expect to gain so much. Thank you very much you made a huge difference.


Certain things stood out about Lillian when I first met her. She is friendly, approachable, down to earth, non-judgmental and very importantly I felt she really listened to me. I knew I was a complicated case due to my multiple health issues. Lillian offers skilled, knowledgeable advise, and was always practical and encouraging. You have been instrumental in helping towards my goal of reaching my 50th year in optimum health.


My appetite & energy for life has changed immeasurably since I discovered Lillian. Her passion for wellbeing is infectious; her genuine desire to improve one’s whole self gives you the light at the end of the tunnel. I was lethargic, always seemed to catch everything going, menopausal and was also suffering due to thyroid issues following Radio Active Iodine treatment. I took a pill for this & a pill for that… I masked my conditions instead of dealing with them. My mindset has completely changed, I understand true wellbeing starts in your gut… Who knew!! I now have a more robust, disposition, a balanced approach to my health & a renewed appetite for life. Lillian shares her knowledge & suggests alternatives & avenues you may not have considered, she does not judge or patronise. I would recommend her wholeheartedly & unreservedly. I am grateful to have discovered my very own secret weapon in the fight for whole & happy health.


It is clear that you really care about improving people’s health, your advice works and brings results. I have benefited from exposure to new foods and ideas and feel so much better for it and that is all down to you. Your style is very inclusive and also recognises the world and times we live in where time is short, it is healthy eating as a way of life, not a one hit wonder.
You are a good listener and I really appreciated our sessions together.


I first met Lillian about 2 years ago, she immediately recognised my situation is somewhat complicated. She put a great deal of thought and hard work into trying to find solutions and ways to improve my health. She is really caring, has a very analytical mind, and can think around complications to achieve solutions. I am so grateful that I met her as without her, I would never have discovered the things I now know. I would 100% recommend Lillian to anyone who is trying to improve their health.


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